Playing with your Ballz

You are riding home on the train after another long day at work and don’t want to concentrate on anything…

You are waiting outside another clothing store waiting for your partner to finish buying something else they don’t need…

You are on the toilet and forgot a magazine to read…

You have a minute or an hour to spare…

You are who we are looking for…

You are who can save the world…

From those who brought you 2048 comes the “the champion time killer”… Ballz.

Combining the likes of Space Invaders and geometry this mobile masterpiece is a single handed plethora of colour and counting.

You play as yourself, the index finger of the law.

Fighting the likes of rainbow tiles dropping from the sky ready to turn the world into one giant Tetris block.

Your weapon of choice, the Ballz.

Launching an aerial assault on the tiles, you reduce their counts to zero and blast them back into the stratosphere.

But as their forces increase and strengthen so does your Ballz.

Your increased ammo count gives you the courage to carry on against the insurmountable odds.

With each row you clear comes another notch on your belt and more coins in your pocket.

Ballz bouncing every which way off the walls and tiles, returning to the floor for you to issue a new target.

The tiles begin to cover the entire screen with their colourful invasion. Until finally your Ballz are not enough and the tiles reach the world…

In your final moments one thing flashes before your eyes… High Score, the number that has come to define you.

But no, you are not ready to accept defeat, not ready for the world to be engulfed in unnatural colours and counts.

With your final finger twitch, you do it. You click Replay.

Thrust back into the fray, your journey is not yet complete, the fate of the world not yet sealed.

With simple controls and an extremely short learning curve, this game is a mind numbing classic that can be played casually or hardcore by someone of any age.

This game is available for any mobile device allowing cross phone rivalries, plenty of time killing and great finger workouts.



Disclaimer: As this is a free game, this is not a paid endorsement.

Just coming from someone who is addicted to saving the world and have discovered many other people who wish to do the same.

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