The Cheap Wireless Headphone Kings live Down Under

Have you got roommates who don’t know how to watch TV quietly?
Are you trying to get some video games in while the rest of the family is sleeping?
Perhaps you are stuck at your desk all day and want to drown out the rest of the office noise?
Then do I have the solution for you…

Introducing the very best in cheap wireless headphones.
With more functions than you could ever possibly need comes the Wireless 5 in 1 Headphone HIFI BASS Earphone Headband Headset FM Radio For TVMP3
Coming in a range of colours such as black and white these will stick out like a sore thumb in any environment, but for all the right reasons.
Powered by 4 AAA batteries (batteries not included) these headphones will give you up to 3 weeks worth playback time (at an average of 5 hours a day – tried and tested – not including weekends) with quality that is very much described as “you get what you pay for”.

Comfort and build quality are certainly things that were not skimped on for these headphones. Light weight and with padding in all the right places, you can be sure your head will be thanking you after long days of “fully sick” beats.

Whether your head is the size of Jimmy Neutron or a new born baby have no fear. These fabulous sound devices have a telescopic headrest, to ensure that the speakers are always sitting on your ears eager for more controversy from the Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Tell’em the price, Son”.

Okay, okay, geez… So you might be asking yourself “how many twenties am I going to be forking out for these masterpieces of engineering and science?” The simple answer… NOT EVEN ONE!!! For the low low price of $16.59 (AUS) and free postage (for Australian Buyers). Simply visit:

To pick up your very own Wireless 5 in 1 Headphone HIFI BASS Earphone Headband Headset FM Radio For TVMP3.

And if you find a pair cheaper we want to hear about it. Get in contact with us at so we can throw down the gauntlet on the Cheap Wireless Headphone Kings from Down Under.

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