Good News! This thing sucks!

When your house is a mess… and you’re about to host fancy dress…

Who you gonna call? Black and Decker!

Got too small of a place to have a full sized vacuum cleaner?

Sick of spending too much money on 2 vacuums, one for the house and one your car?

Perhaps a regular vacuum is too heavy for you to carry around and still need to suck?

Then this 2 for 1 deal might be just what you are looking for…

For the very best in under $100 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners, comes the Black and Decker SVA320B (suck vac awesome 320 degree rotation – not really what it stands for. But maybe it should be).

First and foremost this thing is a fantastic little unit. Taking up basically no room around the house and still getting the job done, oh boy does it suck.

Now you may be looking at it and going “How the hell does that thing get under tables or into hard to reach places?” Well I have news for you. With a magical swivel head this bad boy can get a silly amount of rotation whilst still having the entire head of the machine attached to the ground. Thus allowing it to fit under just about anything you can think of without having to lie yourself on the ground to do it (although it will work like that too).

“Alright fine, so it can get under tables and beds. But how does it possibly fit in my car?” Oh I am so glad you asked. The exciting part about 2 in 1 is that its two machines in one! With the click of a button you now have yourself a hand held sucker, able to get into even more nooks and crannies than the full assembled vacuum.

Note: I feel like I should mention this even though it might be kinda obvious… But this thing is powered by a battery, which adds up to plenty of cordless fun.

“Can You Dig it Sucka?”

Now once you have cleaned up, its time to clean up. Dispensing of the mess you have picked up is as easy as click and twist. With this very “unpatented” bagless system. This machine just keeps selling itself.

So now that you have decided to buy yourself one of these bad boys, (ok, ok, I’ll stop twisting your arm) where can you get one? With one click (so more like 4) you can get yourself one of these Black and Decker SVA320Bs simply visit:

Found yourself a better 2 in 1 for cheaper? We want to know about it. Drop us a line at and we can test how much it really sucks…

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