$1500 R34 Skyline Build: The Origin Story

Welcome to what should be the first of many build updates…

Once upon a time (because that’s how all good stories start right?) a friend of mine bought the stockest black R34 Nissan Skyline you have ever seen. And I said to him, if you EVER think of selling this car let me know because I will be interested in buying it.

Fast forward a year or two and I get a phone call consisting of words like “do you wanna buy it?” and “its got a little bit of damage” so I head on round to see it. This is what I’m presented with (might wanna grab some tissues – and not for a good reason)…

So naturally after seeing the car I turned to my friend and said “Its got some damage, so I’ll take it!!” and thus began the journey of the $1500 R34 Skyline

Fast forward nearly a year and the car is basically in that very same condition (with the addition of a few small families of spiders and a custom paint job of dust and cobwebs).

But then the parts buying began…

Part of the plan for this car is to return it to the same stock condition that the car was in when it rolled out of the showroom in Japan (as this is a Japanese imported car – compliance plates, translated owners manual and all). This meant hunting a little harder for the JDM front bumper amongst other things just to get the look right. Now of course it goes without saying that this means negotiations on colour of these parts comes into it. But like with most other things, with problems comes solutions…

Apart from the obvious parts that needed purchase some damage assessment would have to happen in order to purchase everything needed for this ‘rebuild’. So once again into the garage the car rolled and queue the teardown!!

GREAT NEWS!! The car’s frame is straight! So this beauty can be saved!!

After the initial inspection, you can see that the car hasn’t sustained too much damage, which is great news. This makes my job ALOT easier.

And with the end of the damage inspection comes the end of this first chapter in the $1500 R34 Skyline Rebuild. But have your ear to the ground as the updates should be coming thick and fast over the coming weeks on this beauty, as their is a deadline for this project. But more on that in the next one…

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