$1500 R34 Skyline Build: 50 Shades of Gunmetal Grey

Whats a good way to start an update? Car parts!!

Well that or a jump start… So lets give you both.

So now that we have shed some light on the new car parts lets jump straight into what else has happened since we last met.

Sitting around with the mates and drinking a few beers (how all good ideas are born), colour combinations of this car were suggested. One such suggestion was why not update the car colour to an R35 option? Great Idea! So which one do you pick? Well after some searching and careful deliberation we decided on the colour code KAD, a gunmetal metallic grey.

Now after some movie magic (thanks to these events being weeks apart rather than the days it appears), a cousin with an air compressor, paint gun and one eBay purchased JDM front bar we go from this

2016-07-20 17.22.26==== to this IMG_0351===>

I know right, you don’t have to say it. I’ll say it for you. It’s B…E…A…utiful.

But seeing a colour on a piece of plastic (more like fibreglass) on the floor of the garage is one thing… how does it actually look on the car? Well it looks like this

Long story short is that it looks pretty damn good.

However… a word of caution to this tale… budget and custom paint don’t always go in the same sentence, unless it sounds a bit like “when working on a budget you cannot have a custom paint job”. So will the $1500 R34 Skyline Build (need a better name for that) manage to get a super cool paint job? Have to wait and see…

Now we have some good news and some bad news. Good news is that the hot rod red front fender fits perfectly (hooray). The bad news is that we might be missing a mirror…

What else? What else is there I might have forgotten to mention? Oh thats right! I spoiled (or rather unspoiled) the car.


And with that thought provoking image we will finish this chapter of the $1500 R34 Skyline Rebuild here. Will our hero decide on the colour for the car? Does it come in under budget? Will the spoiler be a distant memory? This and more…

Next time on the $1500 R34 Skyline Build.

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