The Tech and Trans Guide to Moving Out

Your partner just dropped the bomb that they want to move in with you?
So sick of your parents telling you what to do and need to escape?
Finally decided that 40 is the right time to get your own place?
Then consider reading this before you take the plunge…

Welcome to The Tech and Trans Guide to Moving Out. Here we will detail the pros, cons, state the obvious and highlight some things you might not have thought about just yet.

State The Obvious

Okay, so in this section we will detail what you probably already know about moving out, but definitely need to be reminded about for the 100000000000th time.

Say goodbye to money — Remember that car part that you wanted to buy? Or the pair of shoes that you saw in the store window that would look so much better on your feet? Perhaps you just want a donut to eat?
Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.
Pretend you are on a deserted island and must forage for food on your island, wear only what you can find on your island, clean yourself less frequently (maybe skip this one), buy only from the shops that don’t exist on your island. This island mentality… is now your mentality for life. The island is your home.

Learning new words – Moving out means it’s time to add a few new words to your vocabulary. These include (but are not limited to) “no”, “budget”, “saving”, “do we really need this to live”, “two minute noodles and eggs are delicious”, “cleaning”, “washing”, “ironing” and “I need some help”.

Saving takes time – Once you work out a budget and factor in mortgage repayments/ rent, and food, perhaps petrol or transport costs, you’ll realise that’s all your money gone. You might get to put away $50 every month or so? Which means that new $20 pair of track pants you wanted from Kmart aren’t actually as affordable as you first thought.

What personal space? – For most of you out there you won’t be moving out alone (if you are doing this, please skip this point and read the next one). This means you will have one or more extra people in your new place of residence. This means you will wake up and they will be there. Go to sleep and they will be there. Fart and they will hear it. There is no escaping this. So make sure whoever you choose to be out with, you get along with and know all their weird quirks (otherwise you will work them out very quickly).

I’m so lonely – In the same vein as you single movers skipped the above point, you multi movers can skip this one, this is something you definitely won’t have to worry about. Singles… you will wake up and no one else will be there. You will go to sleep and no one will be there (except maybe the weird person you met at the bar earlier that night). Leaving the toilet seat up isn’t a problem anymore, plus you don’t have to cook or clean if you don’t want to (except right before your family makes a surprise visit to see you are still alive because you have been dodging their calls for the last two weeks and your place smells like the local garbage dump).

Domestication – Think of everything your family has ever done for you (just in case I’ll give you a few hints), cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, grocery shopping, taking you to school/ train station/ friends houses. This is now all on you. I mean sure, take out is always an option, and so is using the laundromat or even Uber. But for the 75% of you that have budgeted by now (and for those 25% of you that don’t think you will need a budget but are beginning to to run out of money after a month or so), you know that these are for emergencies only and not affordable long term.

You own nothing – Remember that bed you sleep in? The couch you sit on whilst watching that tv in the living room? Perhaps the magical machine that dirty clothes go into and clean ones come out? You will need to buy these (oh and don’t forget WIFI).

Have you thought of this?

Now that you are sufficiently worried about moving out, sick of hearing all about all the obvious things and saying goodbye to personal space and all your money. Lets talk about some things you might not have thought of.

Take out some shares – Ikea, Kmart, Target, eBay and Gumtree are going to be your best friends for the next as many months. So before you get out there and burn all the money you’ve got everything you haven’t got. Invest (I mean this is a very optional step – don’t really take this as a suggestion, because by the time you have put the money against the shares you might not have enough to buy everything you need. Not to mention that the amount of money you are spending at these stores probably won’t have thaaaaat much influence on the stock exchange. Plus I don’t really know that much about the stock exchange anyway – phew that was close).

Get creative – When is a bookshelf not a bookshelf? When its free on a throw out pile and fits nicely under your bathroom sink to put all your body products on. When is a skateboard not a skateboard? When you need to move a large cabinet or lounge and there is only one of you and you rest it on the board and push away. It’s time to adapt and survive.

Cull your clothes – The less you have to move the better. And taking a guess you will be moving into a place with a smaller wardrobe than what you have got now. There are only so many business shirts you need to own, or dresses that you keep to never wear, and yes you only have two feet… not 50. Donate, sell, ‘hand me down’. The less you have to move the better (plus the less you have to wash).

Time to learn to read – Books are your friend. They cost nothing (once you have got them – not to mention borrowing from your local library doesn’t cost much if anything at all). They can transport you to other dimensions, turn back time, help you fall in love with your Hollywood crush, or even just scare the s#*t out of you. A new word association for you should be books = free entertainment.

In Conclusion

Moving out whilst seemingly a scary thought is definitely something you should do in your life. For some of you moving out alone will work better for you, for others having a mate or two, perhaps even your forever partner (or even a random) will be more your style. Just be sure that when you do it (if you have the choice) that you are ready for a big financial commitment.

Whether you are buying or renting the possibility of running out of money, or finding it hard to make ends meet is very real. The life you lived before moving out is not really one you will be able to continue with (unless you ate out very little, did basically nothing and didn’t spend any money on useless junk).

But what you lose in a financial sense you make up for in learning. Learning to be domesticated, to cook and clean for yourself. Sure at times you will make mistakes. Perhaps it’s throwing a red sock in with your white load of washing and ending up with pink work shirts. Maybe it’s cooking yourself something disgusting that you wouldn’t feed your worst enemies. It might even be that you run out of money to get yourself dinner one night and have to settle for the bread and butter from the fridge instead. The good news about all this is that you are learning. Making mistakes is often the best way to ensure you don’t do the same thing again.

Don’t resist your mistakes, Mr Chaser. Learn from them. To err is human, to make the same mistake twice … is stupid – Hover Car Racer (good book by the way)

This experience will help you to find yourself. Moving out will allow you to experience things in ways that you may not have before. You will learn that you like somethings, don’t like some things and definitely won’t negotiate on some things. You will discover who you are as a person (woah… so deep and profound – from a tech blog) and potentially who you are looking for in your other half (regardless of whether it has two legs, four legs, more or none).

Got an opinion of your own about moving out? Perhaps something in this guide spoke to you. We’d love to hear about it. Drop us a line at

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