Do you value your patience?

Bought yourself an iPhone and don’t know many of the phones features?

Want to look like an idiot waving your phone around in the air?

Perhaps you just don’t like having any patience?

Then let me introduce you to Blackbox

Blackbox is one of iOS’s #1 puzzle games…

From the maker of absolutely nothing else ever brings you an app that is as much a game as it is a big middle finger to whoever chooses to play it.

Blackbox Testing is the idea of putting something into a box and getting something different out of it, without knowing what happened inside the box. Think of putting your credit card into an ATM machine. It goes in, you punch in a pin number and by some sort of magic out comes both your card and some cash (or it tells you that you’re broke and nothing happens), but you have no idea what happened in between card insert and removal inside the machine. Blackbox is nothing like this…

Remember that song that you got stuck in your head last week and it just looped over and over and over again until you had to hunt it out and listen to it a hundred times? Or the eyelash that got stuck in your eye that itched and scratched you for hours until (after much eye poking, tears and swearing) you got it out? Thats what Blackbox is all about…

Think about every action that is possible on your iPhone. Think about everything you can do with a phone. Even think about somethings you shouldn’t ever have to do with a phone. These are the deductive skills that you will need to solve the puzzles throughout this game.

This already got your knickers in a knot? Well then I shouldn’t mention anything about the snide remarks the game gives you, just to remind you how much you suck for not solving any puzzles.

So if you think you are ready to lose a bit of sleep and never look at your phone the same way again then take the plunge, download the app and think outside the box


Disclaimer: As this is a free game, this is not a paid endorsement. Just coming from someone who is supremely frustrated and wants everyone in the world to suffer a little too.

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